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Peacocks Marching World

American Drum Major Competitions

Relaunch of California's longest running drum major competition circuit 

Peacocks Marching World American Drum Major Competitions will return with a 2018 season.  The company has released a tentative competition schedule which includes educational clinics for new, aspiring and returning competitors. The organization, short-handedly referred to as “Peacocks,” was the longest-running and most participated Drum Major competition series in the state.  For over 30 years, they created arguably the nations top and most tested drum majors.  Their tradition of producing formidable competitors and leaders can still be seen today – all of the other drum major circuits currently in operation are run by former competitors and champions of the Peacocks series.

The circuit plans on redefining how competitions operate, including accessing certain prestigious public venues that most people only get to be spectators at.  “We’re pumped up for this.  These competitions are going to be rigorous and demanding.  We can’t mention certain venues we are in talks with, but they will bring an added flair and pressure,” said Esteban De Leon, the Director of Competitions, “the support that is mounting for this is incredible.”

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